Studying on your commute

Why not devote a mentoring session to study skills with a focus on ‘studying on your commute’? Janette Myers, a Learning Developer at St George’s, University of London, has written a #Take5 blog post highlighting how to make meaningful use of the time spend in trains, buses and tubes. This seems important advice considering that […]

Teaching recipes

Useful inputs on professional practice based on the idea of “teaching as cooking”: Educational Developers’ Cookbook: a collection of practical ideas offered for use by the educational development community. Teaching Approaches Menu: menu designed by Sheffield Hallam University to assist educators in identifying different teaching approaches and the technologies that can support and enhance those approaches. […]

New book on mentoring

This looks very interesting… The Student’s guide to peer mentoring: Get more from your university experience by Louise Frith, Gina May, Amanda Pocklington (2017 Palgrave) There are many different reasons for students to become a peer mentor. Perhaps you are looking to enhance your CV, or simply to help others? Whatever your motivations,  this book will […]

Constructing the higher education student

This seems an interesting symposium for people working with HE students: Constructing the higher education student: understanding spatial variations I & II Friday 01 September 2017 (14:40 – 16:20) & Friday 01 September 2017 (16:50 – 18:30) Many scholars have argued that, in contemporary society, higher education policy and practice have both been profoundly changed by […]