New book on mentoring

This looks very interesting… The Student’s guide to peer mentoring: Get more from your university experience by Louise Frith, Gina May, Amanda Pocklington (2017 Palgrave) There are many different reasons for students to become a peer mentor. Perhaps you are looking to enhance your CV, or simply to help others? Whatever your motivations,  this book will […]

Constructing the higher education student

This seems an interesting symposium for people working with HE students: Constructing the higher education student: understanding spatial variations I & II Friday 01 September 2017 (14:40 – 16:20) & Friday 01 September 2017 (16:50 – 18:30) Many scholars have argued that, in contemporary society, higher education policy and practice have both been profoundly changed by […]

Collaborative learning: Example

A wonderful project utilising the power of peer learning: The Padlet Project The Padlet Project is an active learning initiative developed by Wendy Garnham in conjunction with the Technology Enhanced Learning team at University of Sussex for use with Foundation Year Psychology students. More about Padlet.

Supporting students with special needs

The National Autistic Society has produced a guide for mentors supporting students on the autistic spectrum: Supporting students on the autism spectrum Although the guide is a couple of years old it seems to be still one of the few resources available for mentors in this area. Worth passing on to any student mentors working […]

Mentoring practice

Building community with peer mentors This initiative employs peer mentors to run a large writing course for college freshman. ‘… mentors write alongside the students, read alongside the students, and sometimes complain about the work alongside the students. They function as peers, near-peers, more capable peers, and sometimes as instructors’. There’s also a Theory & Practice […]