Check out this Special Issue on: Reflection and Reflective Thinking – Journal of International Students, Vol 10, No S2, 2020 There’s many useful articles for mentors, including” What does reflection look and feel like for international students (by Georgina Barton & Mary Ryan) Creative practice as a catalyst for developing connectedness capabilities (by Kim Snepvangers […]

Fostering empathy

Actually Curious is a card game designed to combat divisiveness and spread empathy. It’s produced by the C_riosity Lab and entertainment company that builds products, content and experiences to change narratives. Read more about its founder, Michael Tennant, here as well as its under initiatives like the Empathy Workout. Maybe something to consider for fostering […]

The impact of online mentoring

The Brightside Trust has published a report outlining the benefits of online mentoring: The power of online mentoring. The report shows that students who attend their online mentoring programme are three(!) times more likely to access Higher Education. Find out more here: – and here:

Active listening

Why it is so important to listen actively: You’re not listening. Here’s why. There’s an unconscious tendency to tune out people you feel close to because you think you already know what they are going to say.


This free open access book (edited by Mercer-Mapstone and Abbot) makes a case for ‘The Power of Partnership‘. The Power of Partnership celebrates the nuance and depth of student-faculty partnerships in higher education and illustrates the many ways that partnership—the equitable collaboration among students, staff, and faculty in support of teaching and learning—has the potential […]

Difficult conversations

This site contains useful tips for having a difficult conversation. We recommend that if you’re worried about someone, you try talking to them. It’s okay if you’re not an expert – just listening can help someone work through what’s on their mind. SHUSH tips

Team-based Learning

Team-Based Learning Collaborative is an interesting initiative who encourages and supports the use of Team-Based Learning in all levels of education. Team-Based Learning is defined as: an evidence based collaborative learning teaching strategy designed around units of instruction, known as “modules,” that are taught in a three-step cycle: preparation, in-class readiness assurance testing, and application-focused […]