Mentoring Poem

Written by one of our mentors, Hapon: On days when 2500 words seems a million miles away When the 3pm deadline leaves you lost in dismay When the subject and details are impossible to apply A peer mentor a helper in which you can rely A new place, a new year and nothing to go […]

Writing support

When supporting mentees with their writing, these writing/grammar resources might be useful: University of Hull > University of Adelaide > Purdue Online Writing Lab > Clarity English > UCL AWE > Hull AWE > Using English for Academic Purposes > University of Bristol > Grammarly > Guide to Grammar and Writing > University of Queensland > […]


REACT Student Engagement has shared a short video exploring what benefits students at the University of Exeter gain from contributing to peer support: Find more information about peer support on this University of Exeter website.


Lovely feedback received by one of this year’s mentors: I have found Peer mentoring in Practice to be THE the most essential module of this year so far. It’s physical format is – by design – the perfect accompaniment to the first years ‘Becoming Educational’ and not only does it lead on nicely in terms […]