Blogs and blogging

All of our mentors – and all of our mentees – are encouraged to keep a blog. The mentors have one to reflect on their mentoring experience, the mentees have one to reflect on their first few weeks with us. And… Both groups can submit their blogs – or parts of them – for one […]

New at uni

These are some of the questions first years (your mentees) had when coming to uni for the first time: Do you remember what you thought/felt when attending your first lectures?

We’re back

Today, was the second of our peer mentoring in practice sessions of this academic year. A massive welcome to all peer mentors (and their mentees)! We looked at the Do’s and Don’ts of peer mentoring – and mentors came up with extremely valuable ideas. Happy mentoring!!!  

Vitae – poll results & resources

Vitae has published poll results, case studies and  resources related to mentoring and coaching for researchers. Their definition of mentoring is interesting, especially as it relates to coaching (and the similarities/differences between the two): What do we mean by coaching and mentoring – and what’s the difference? The purpose of both coaching and mentoring is to help […]

Literature list

Allen, T. D. & Ebv, L. T. (eds.) (2010). The Blackwell handbook of mentoring: a multiple perspective approach. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Andreanoff, J. (2016). Coaching and mentoring in higher education: A step-by-step guide to exemplary practice. London: Palgrave Booth, S. & Marton, F. (1997). Learning and awareness. New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Brockbank, A. & […]

Peer mentoring – recap

This is the brilliant work of first year Education Studies, Education & Social Policy and Education Studies & English Literature students at London Metropolitan University (UK) completed in the last two years with the help of second year mentors. Have a look – to see what is possible when different year groups work together. November […]

Book on experiential learning

I have just discovered a book which seems a relevant read for everyone working in education. The book – Learning and Awareness by Ference Marton and Shirley Booth (1997) – explores experiences of learning. This book stems from more than 25 years of systematic research into the experience of learning undertaken by a research team […]