For those that speak German… Relational Becoming – mit Anderen werden (Meissner, 2019) is a new book that explores the relationship between the individual and the group – and the importance of belonging and becoming. In Zeiten gewaltvoller sozialer Ausgrenzungen ist eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit fixierenden Vorstellungen von »Zugehörigkeit« relevanter denn je – doch bleiben […]

Peer-tutors supporting academic writing

Although published in 2013, this article highlights the benefits of using undergraduate peer-tutors to support academic writing not just with peers but postgraduates as well as members of staff : Apologia for Undergraduate Peer-tutors in writing by Lawrence Cleary As you may assume… …one claim that I have heard from individuals in my own institution […]


REACT Student Engagement has shared a short video exploring what benefits students at the University of Exeter gain from contributing to peer support: Find more information about peer support on this University of Exeter website.