Fostering empathy

Actually Curious is a card game designed to combat divisiveness and spread empathy. It’s produced by the C_riosity Lab and entertainment company that builds products, content and experiences to change narratives. Read more about its founder, Michael Tennant, here as well as its under initiatives like the Empathy Workout. Maybe something to consider for fostering […]

Connection, shame and vulnerability

A talk worth listening to for everyone working in a people profession – including mentors – and also those interested in qualitative research: Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability A talk that’s part of the TED Talk list of the most popular talks of all time.

Encouraging others

Yesterday, I came across this blog post – and it reminded me on how much we all rely on positive feedback – and encouragement by others. See: So… Why not leave some positive notes for your mentees – or encourage them to write something positive for each other? It only takes a stack of post-it […]