This week was our last peer mentoring session for this academic year. We’ve looked back – and celebrated all the things we have achieved. Second years, our peer mentors, said: ‘This module was for me the most interesting and enjoyable. It is unfortunate that the module is coming to an end.‘ ‘It’s subject everyone must […]

Mentor feedback

This year’s PMiP module has come to an end. Students – both mentors and mentees – have celebrated their achievements with a ‘goodbye party’. And each mentor and mentee brought an object that represented his/her mentoring experience. The final get-together was also an opportunity to look back – and reflect. These are some of the […]

Goodbye mentors

Here is a brilliant – but rather sad post – by one of this year’s mentors. I am gone miss them all. Luckily, new ones will start the module in September – so there is something to look forward to – as well as an opportunity to evaluate and revise. Further inputs on peer mentoring […]

Celebrating student achievements

As outlined in another post – see here – in a peer mentoring relationship it is important to end the mentor/mentee relationship positively. For this years cohort of mentors and mentees, we planned a ‘social event’ where they both could give each other feedback – and celebrate what they have achieved. The event turned out […]