Vitae – poll results & resources

Vitae has published poll results, case studies and  resources related to mentoring and coaching for researchers. Their definition of mentoring is interesting, especially as it relates to coaching (and the similarities/differences between the two): What do we mean by coaching and mentoring – and what’s the difference? The purpose of both coaching and mentoring is to help […]

Study advice for mentees

ASK Academic Skills Writing Series developed by Brunel University. This seems to be a useful resource for mentors giving study advice, in particular on essay writing. Video tutorials lead through the writing process – step by step – and can easily be shared with others. There are also help sheets available that sum up key advice – […]

Study advice

This guide is useful for all students – though mentors may want to consider using it for their peer mentoring sessions when giving study advice: The crowdsourced guide to learning – written in a joint effort by people around the world.

Mentee resources

Resources recommend by mentors to student mentees (no responsibility taken for the links posted here): Google books: Google scholar: Academic phrasebank, University of Manchester: Harvard referencing, Angelia Ruskin University: RefMe: – see also: Neil’s toolbox: GoAnimate: Prezi: Essay writing, University of Leicester: – see also: Study hub, London Metropolitan University: – see also: Library catalogue, London […]