New at uni

These are some of the questions first years (your mentees) had when coming to uni for the first time: Do you remember what you thought/felt when attending your first lectures?

We’re back

Today, was the second of our peer mentoring in practice sessions of this academic year. A massive welcome to all peer mentors (and their mentees)! We looked at the Do’s and Don’ts of peer mentoring – and mentors came up with extremely valuable ideas. Happy mentoring!!!  

First encounters

Meeting the mentee(s) for the first time is a daunting experience. You don’t know who you will going to meet. However, as it turned with today’s group of mentees, they are all lovely people (and very similar to you and me). Despite this, it is important to consider what makes a first meeting a good […]


Welcome to the Peer Mentoring in Practice Blog!!! TASK 1: Get blogging!!! Your task: Create a blog and blog about your peer mentoring experience – on a weekly basis. Remember: When blogging respect your mentees’ confidentiality. Do not mention names – or facts that allow identifying mentees. The rest is up to you – and should […]