Check out this Special Issue on: Reflection and Reflective Thinking – Journal of International Students, Vol 10, No S2, 2020

There’s many useful articles for mentors, including”

  • What does reflection look and feel like for international students (by Georgina Barton & Mary Ryan)
  • Creative practice as a catalyst for developing connectedness capabilities (by Kim Snepvangers & Arianna Rourke)
  • New country, new university, new school – how do I cope (by Kay Hartwig, Harry Stokhof & Peter Fransen)
  • Reflecting on diversity through a simulated practicum classroom (by Mark Finn, Sivanes Phillipson & Wendy Goff)
  • Using arts-based methods and reflection to support postgraduate international students’ wellbeing and employability (by Marthy Watson & Georgina Barton)

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