Blogs and blogging

All of our mentors – and all of our mentees – are encouraged to keep a blog. The mentors have one to reflect on their mentoring experience, the mentees have one to reflect on their first few weeks with us. And… Both groups can submit their blogs – or parts of them – for one […]

Mentoring – Academic year 2015/16

With the new academic year, we have also a new group of mentors joining us. They already had their first meeting with first year students and – as far as I am aware – they have enjoyed their first session. Mentors, similar to previous years, are required to blog about their mentoring experience. Their blogs can be […]


Welcome to the Peer Mentoring in Practice Blog!!! TASK 1: Get blogging!!! Your task: Create a blog and blog about your peer mentoring experience – on a weekly basis. Remember: When blogging respect your mentees’ confidentiality. Do not mention names – or facts that allow identifying mentees. The rest is up to you – and should […]