Mentoring – Academic year 2015/16

With the new academic year, we have also a new group of mentors joining us. They already had their first meeting with first year students and – as far as I am aware – they have enjoyed their first session.

Mentors, similar to previous years, are required to blog about their mentoring experience. Their blogs can be found here (though the list is not yet complete):

Have a look – and follow them.

And this is the guidance they have been given in terms of their blogging:

Get blogging!!!

Your task: Create a blog and blog about your peer mentoring experience – on a weekly basis.



  • Reflective learning is important on this module;
  • You will be “teaching“ first-year students how to blog;
  • You will develop a “Digital Me“ project – where you will need to demonstrate your digital literacy;
  • You will need your blog entries for Assessment 01 (formative and summative submissions); and
  • As an educator you will be expected to use digital technology.


If you do not know how to set up a blog, please ask your peers for advice. There’s also detailed guidance available online (do a quick Google search). Read also:

To set up your own blog, you could use one of the following (free) websites (but there are many others):


When blogging respect your peers’ confidentiality. Do not mention names – or facts that allow identifying mentees or mentors.

The rest is up to you – and should be fun.


Have a look at the PMiP blog:

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