Constructing the higher education student

This seems an interesting symposium for people working with HE students: Constructing the higher education student: understanding spatial variations I & II Friday 01 September 2017 (14:40 – 16:20) & Friday 01 September 2017 (16:50 – 18:30) Many scholars have argued that, in contemporary society, higher education policy and practice have both been profoundly changed by […]

Multi-modal exhibition

Today, first-year Becoming students (our mentees) have put on a multi-modal exhibition about informal and formal learning spaces at University. The exhibition was a huge success – not only because it allowed first-year students to showcase their learning, but also because it allowed students of different year groups to “be with each other”.   Students’ […]

Peer Tutor Day 2015

CALL World Wide Writing – Tutors around the Globe The Nijmegen Centre for Academic Writing would like to invite tutors working at writing centres all over the world for an EWCA peer tutor event this summer. Last year, our tutors were very inspired by the exchange with international colleagues at the EWCA Peer Tutor Day in Frankfurt/Oder. […]