Multi-modal exhibition

Today, first-year Becoming students (our mentees) have put on a multi-modal exhibition about informal and formal learning spaces at University. The exhibition was a huge success – not only because it allowed first-year students to showcase their learning, but also because it allowed students of different year groups to “be with each other”.



Students’ contributions:

DSC04221DSC04220DSC04219DSC04213DSC04211DSC04210DSC04216DSC04207DSC04206DSC04202DSC04201DSC04197DSC04196DSC04188DSC04185DSC04180DSC04176DSC04130DSC04134DSC04149DSC04174DSC04123DSC04167  DSC04128




That’s some of the feedback they received:



A special thanks to Sandra and Tom for organising the event:

DSC04116DSC04115DSC04169 DSC04132


And obviously a big thank you to all participating students (not all listed here):


One thought on “Multi-modal exhibition

  1. Reblogged this on Becoming An Educationalist and commented:
    #becomingeducational W7: The Multi-modal exhibition!
    What a wonderful morning! From about 08.30 we were organising the room – transforming it into an Exhibition space. As more and more people arrived – the space filled with all the different representations of the university’s formal and informal learning spaces. You made video and animation – you collaged and knitted and wrote poetry… There were jigsaw puzzles and Cabinets of Curiosities (well -one Cabinet!). There were 3D representations and comic books – both child-friendly and Marvel Comic styles…
    We had visitors from Plymouth and Greece who visited us today and who were blown away by all your creativity – by your talent – and by your effort.
    We had Peer Mentor visitors who thought you were absolutely amazing – and who could not believe just what you had managed to achieve.
    NOW – we have not yet got the links to every video and animation – we may have missed an exhibit… So please ADD THEM TO THE COMMENTS box – we want all your hard and creative and joyful work captured here.
    Thanks again folks!!
    And don’t forget to write your own blogs – and showcase your own artefacts.

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