The impact of online mentoring

The Brightside Trust has published a report outlining the benefits of online mentoring: The power of online mentoring. The report shows that students who attend their online mentoring programme are three(!) times more likely to access Higher Education. Find out more here: – and here:

Why mentoring?

A nice, short explanation as to why mentoring matters: ‘Informal and formal mentoring networks are important components that contribute to personal and career growth. Mentoring has a direct impact on personal life choices and career advancement. If leaders of tomorrow are to be created we need leaders of today to lend a hand in all […]

Research – Peer-led learning

New research by the HEA looked into peer-led learning – and highlights that students who take part in peer-led learning session experience reduced anxiety associated with transition into higher education. They have also a greater sense of belonging and improved academic confidence – something we also experience with our peer mentoring sessions. There are also […]

The impact of peer mentoring

Today, we discussed an article which explores the effect of peer mentoring. A copy of the article – Effect of Peer Mentoring on Types of Peer Mentor Support, Program Satisfaction and Graduate Student Stress: A Dyadic Perspective by Elisa J. Grant-Vallone and Ellen A. Ensher – can be found here. Key points mentors took from the article were […]