Mentor blog

A very engaged mentor blog by one of our second year students – providing weekly insights into our mentoring programme – and the experience of taking part in such a programme. Have a look!    

Peer mentoring – recap

This is the brilliant work of first year Education Studies, Education & Social Policy and Education Studies & English Literature students at London Metropolitan University (UK) completed in the last two years with the help of second year mentors. Have a look – to see what is possible when different year groups work together. November […]

Mentor feedback

This year’s PMiP module has come to an end. Students – both mentors and mentees – have celebrated their achievements with a ‘goodbye party’. And each mentor and mentee brought an object that represented his/her mentoring experience. The final get-together was also an opportunity to look back – and reflect. These are some of the […]

Multi-modal exhibition

Today, first-year Becoming students (our mentees) have put on a multi-modal exhibition about informal and formal learning spaces at University. The exhibition was a huge success – not only because it allowed first-year students to showcase their learning, but also because it allowed students of different year groups to “be with each other”.   Students’ […]

What makes a good “educator”

A mentee’s reflection on what makes a “good educator”: The Success of any Educationalist is to have confidence in oneself and the ability to build confidence in those we teach. This week lecture was on self-efficacy and ethical teaching. Self- efficacy is believing that I have the ability to perform a task. I realise that […]