Reflective practice

There’s value in critically examining your own practice – as a mentor, as a educator, as a professional. In education, reflecting on how you’re doing in the classroom can help you take ownership of your teaching and identify areas for improvement. On the The Guardian Teacher’s blog, Jamie Thom explores strategies on: how to become […]

Reflective practice

A good summary as to why reflective practice is important and how it can be improved is provided by the University of Kent: There are different models that can be used to structure reflective writing. Leeds Beckett University provides a useful overview of the most important ones: One model that provides a particular […]

Connection, shame and vulnerability

A talk worth listening to for everyone working in a people profession – including mentors – and also those interested in qualitative research: Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability A talk that’s part of the TED Talk list of the most popular talks of all time.

New at uni

These are some of the questions first years (your mentees) had when coming to uni for the first time: Do you remember what you thought/felt when attending your first lectures?

Mentor feedback

This year’s PMiP module has come to an end. Students – both mentors and mentees – have celebrated their achievements with a ‘goodbye party’. And each mentor and mentee brought an object that represented his/her mentoring experience. The final get-together was also an opportunity to look back – and reflect. These are some of the […]

Using digital media in the mentoring process

As part of their peer mentoring programme, mentors have engaged with digital media and online learning tools – together with their mentees and also on their own. Here is an example by one mentor who has produced fictive online profiles of students. Anna: MO: Jessie: Rashid: Sebastian: Jasmine: Emily: A nice way of reflecting on […]