A useful collection of case studies by Sage showing how methods are applied in “real” research projects. Sage Research Methods Cases You can search for cases by “methods”, “discipline” and “academic level”. Forward the link to your student mentors – or get inspired to conduct your own research project.

What makes a good teacher?

This piece of research does not focus on mentoring – but teaching. Nevertheless, it might reveal what good mentoring could look like to mentees. Teaching Awards Research Edinburgh University Students’ Association has undertaken extensive research analysing nearly 3,000 Teaching Awards nomination comments from students. This research analysed the qualitative data from the 2014-15 Teaching Awards which provided the Students’ […]

Article on peer mentoring

Interesting article that outlines how much peer mentoring relies on relationships – and also what the benefits and risk of peer mentoring are. Mentors themselves said that the main benefits of being a mentor are: being able to support students, reapplying concepts in their own lives and developing connections themselves – though their were differences […]

Research – Peer-led learning

New research by the HEA looked into peer-led learning – and highlights that students who take part in peer-led learning session experience reduced anxiety associated with transition into higher education. They have also a greater sense of belonging and improved academic confidence – something we also experience with our peer mentoring sessions. There are also […]

The impact of peer mentoring

Today, we discussed an article which explores the effect of peer mentoring. A copy of the article – Effect of Peer Mentoring on Types of Peer Mentor Support, Program Satisfaction and Graduate Student Stress: A Dyadic Perspective by Elisa J. Grant-Vallone and Ellen A. Ensher – can be found here. Key points mentors took from the article were […]