Article on peer mentoring

Interesting article that outlines how much peer mentoring relies on relationships – and also what the benefits and risk of peer mentoring are.

Mentors themselves said that the main benefits of being a mentor are: being able to support students, reapplying concepts in their own lives and developing connections themselves – though their were differences in the answers given by female and male mentors. Female mentors saw mainly relationship benefits whereas male mentors highlights academic benefits.

Comments of mentors in relation to risks focused on their personal lives, interactions with students and interaction with instructors – and the challenge for them to fulfil their role.

The study concludes that the more time peer mentors spend in the program the easier it is for them to deal with relationship issues – which supports the idea of ongoing peer mentoring programmes rather than short-term training courses.

The full article – Roles, risks, and benefits of peer mentoring relationships in Higher Education – can be found here.

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