Teacher Blog

Helen Webb gives insight into her Science/Biology teaching practice (Outstanding Classrooms) on her blog Helen Webb including insights into being a student herself (MA Education) and CPD Teacher Packages. For Student Mentors, the following articles seem particularly useful: Strategies to improve students’ independent study skills Feedback How do you know your students are learning?  

Mentoring practice

Building community with peer mentors This initiative employs peer mentors to run a large writing course for college freshman. ‘… mentors write alongside the students, read alongside the students, and sometimes complain about the work alongside the students. They function as peers, near-peers, more capable peers, and sometimes as instructors’. There’s also a Theory & Practice […]

Celebrating student achievements

As outlined in another post – see here – in a peer mentoring relationship it is important to end the mentor/mentee relationship positively. For this years cohort of mentors and mentees, we planned a ‘social event’ where they both could give each other feedback – and celebrate what they have achieved. The event turned out […]

Best practice – Keeping in touch

When mentoring, it is important to develop a relationship with mentees – and also to exchange information. One way of doing this is over email. One group of mentors has managed to this particularly well. They send emails to their mentees on a regular basis – both to prepare them for the mentoring session as […]