Tips for peer mentors – written by peer mentors

Here are some tips written by a mentor for other mentors:

Peer mentoring involves not only assisting but sometimes that of coaching and counselling. There are many do’s and don’ts involved with mentoring. Some of the key points of don’ts is firstly, do not dis-way an opinion of a positive nature: for example giving your opinion on a subject of topic whether negative or positive it has the power to change the students opinion. Secondly to have inappropriate meeting outside the professional meetings. For example go to a party after class: the mentors are not there to be your friends, mentors are representing the university on a professional level therefore they cannot behave as a student would. Lastly, do not judge – it is first and foremost easier said than done but in order to show respect to one another a mentor must try not to do so. Respect lays the foundations of building trust, like wise vis-versa; it is hard for a mentor to talk to other students who are sometimes the same age or older than themselves as it can be intimidating on both parties. Some do’s that you should incorporate when peer mentoring such as; Being restful, open and helpful a necessity to have when dealing with people who barely know. Secondly, body language- if you look the part, the mentees will have more trust and confidence in your help, and thirdly, having a positive attitude – if you don’t want to be there then it would unconsciously show in your attitude toward the class and the mentees. This is detrimental to the previous two do’s and don’ts as this is ultimately the first thing both mentees and mentors pick up on at first meeting.  Peer mentoring is an extremely rewarding task to do, not only do meet new people, you develop your own sense of being, interacting on mature levels with other like minded people as well as in some cases discovering your own passion and aspiration that you wish to accomplish postgraduate level.

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