Best practice – Keeping in touch

When mentoring, it is important to develop a relationship with mentees – and also to exchange information. One way of doing this is over email.

One group of mentors has managed to this particularly well. They send emails to their mentees on a regular basis – both to prepare them for the mentoring session as well as to follow up sessions.

Please find below an example of an email sent to mentees after the mentoring session:

Hi Guys!

Just a quick email to remind you of a few points that can really help with your assignment coming up in week 13!

To help with referencing: and

Remember all referencing and bibliography must be put in alphabetical order. So when you have gathered them all remember to highlight all referencing and then click on the A-Z button on word.

Here is the signposting [NameOfMentor] presented earlier to help with essay writing: [Link]

Also guys this website helps with essay structure to help you plan:

Don’t forget guys, weblearn is there to help and guide you! Your module handbooks and learning materials are there for a reason. They also give you essay criteria, so no excuses!!

Most importantly with your essay writing always read back and check your work for errors, it will also help you add any information you may have missed out last time.

Don’t forget your readings! You gain knowledge and a better understanding of what your writing. It also helps you on vocabulary and spelling.

Next week is enhancement week but we will still be seeing you.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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