Vitae – poll results & resources

Vitae has published poll results, case studies and  resources related to mentoring and coaching for researchers. Their definition of mentoring is interesting, especially as it relates to coaching (and the similarities/differences between the two): What do we mean by coaching and mentoring – and what’s the difference? The purpose of both coaching and mentoring is to help […]

Why mentoring?

A nice, short explanation as to why mentoring matters: ‘Informal and formal mentoring networks are important components that contribute to personal and career growth. Mentoring has a direct impact on personal life choices and career advancement. If leaders of tomorrow are to be created we need leaders of today to lend a hand in all […]

Peer mentoring – definitions

‘What do think peer mentoring is?’ – this question asked four student mentors visitors of the Get Ahead 2015 Conference at London Metropolitan University. That’s the answers they’ve received: Opening opportunities A fun and engaging module which encourages support, student social interaction (free from judgment) Supportive and helpful Someone who provides a lot of support […]