Peer mentoring – definitions

‘What do think peer mentoring is?’ – this question asked four student mentors visitors of the Get Ahead 2015 Conference at London Metropolitan University. That’s the answers they’ve received:

  • Opening opportunities
  • A fun and engaging module which encourages support, student social interaction (free from judgment)
  • Supportive and helpful
  • Someone who provides a lot of support to others
  • It’s about right advice
  • My right hand when I need help with assignments
  • Guiding to the right path
  • Guiding students with their academic work
  • Allows you to be supported with anything that you need
  • In life there are land mines, you need a mentor who has gone ahead  to mentor you
  • Student and student collaboration
  • Mentors and mentees are able to engage together
  • Someone that’s gone through the same as you and is there to tell it will be okay


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