Check out this Special Issue on: Reflection and Reflective Thinking – Journal of International Students, Vol 10, No S2, 2020 There’s many useful articles for mentors, including” What does reflection look and feel like for international students (by Georgina Barton & Mary Ryan) Creative practice as a catalyst for developing connectedness capabilities (by Kim Snepvangers […]


For those that speak German… Relational Becoming – mit Anderen werden (Meissner, 2019) is a new book that explores the relationship between the individual and the group – and the importance of belonging and becoming. In Zeiten gewaltvoller sozialer Ausgrenzungen ist eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit fixierenden Vorstellungen von »Zugehörigkeit« relevanter denn je – doch bleiben […]

Working with others

As working with others (one-to-one or in smaller groups) is key in peer mentoring, it is worth engaging with theories and literature focusing on group work. Peter Hartley and Mark Dawson have – a while ago, 2010 – published a Pocket Study Skills Guide on this: Success in Groupwork. I recommended the book to all […]

Guide on Staff-Student Partnerships

Scaling up Staff-Student Partnership in Higher Education guide by Mercer-Mapstone and Marie (2019): Abstract… This practical guide is designed to support individuals, teams, or institutions in scaling up student-staff partnership (SSP or ‘partnership’, also commonly known as ‘students as partners’). The model presented here is a projects-based model which is one of the most common […]

International Journal for Students as Partners

New issue published… Vol 2 No 1 (2018) The journal, which is hosted by McMaster University Library Press, is co-edited by students and staff/ faculty from Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US. It is definitely worth reading – for everyone interested in collaborative learning and teaching.

Peer-tutors supporting academic writing

Although published in 2013, this article highlights the benefits of using undergraduate peer-tutors to support academic writing not just with peers but postgraduates as well as members of staff : Apologia for Undergraduate Peer-tutors in writing by Lawrence Cleary As you may assume… …one claim that I have heard from individuals in my own institution […]

New book on mentoring

This looks very interesting… The Student’s guide to peer mentoring: Get more from your university experience by Louise Frith, Gina May, Amanda Pocklington (2017 Palgrave) There are many different reasons for students to become a peer mentor. Perhaps you are looking to enhance your CV, or simply to help others? Whatever your motivations,  this book will […]