Literature list

Allen, T. D. & Ebv, L. T. (eds.) (2010). The Blackwell handbook of mentoring: a multiple perspective approach. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Andreanoff, J. (2016). Coaching and mentoring in higher education: A step-by-step guide to exemplary practice. London: Palsgrave. Antonietti, A., Confalonieri, E. & Marchetti, A. (2014). Reflective thinking in educational settings: A cultural framework. Cambridge: […]

Book on experiential learning

I have just discovered a book which seems a relevant read for everyone working in education. The book – Learning and Awareness by Ference Marton and Shirley Booth (1997) – explores experiences of learning. This book stems from more than 25 years of systematic research into the experience of learning undertaken by a research team […]

New PAL website

The University of Brunel has created a new PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) website. It includes 4 short promotional videos with staff and students looking at: What is PAL? PAL for students Being a PAL Leader PAL for Academics Have a look!

Second special edition on academic peer learning

Just published… Special Edition: Academic Peer Learning (Part II) Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education Peer Learning in Higher Education has seen significant growth in the UK and internationally over the last decade and there have been many innovative developments of models that use higher year peers to support the academic and personal development […]


This looks very promising… Coaching and Mentoring in Higher Education: A Step-by-Step Guide to Exemplary Practice by Jill Andreanoff. The book will be published in March 2016 by Palgrave Macmillan.

Journal of Peer Learning

New issue of the Journal of Peer Learning released: Journal of Peer Learning – Volume 8, 2015 The Journal of Peer Learning (ISSN 2200-2359) publishes research articles about peer learning across a variety of contexts, predominantly higher education. Have a look.

What makes a good “educator”

A mentee’s reflection on what makes a “good educator”: The Success of any Educationalist is to have confidence in oneself and the ability to build confidence in those we teach. This week lecture was on self-efficacy and ethical teaching. Self- efficacy is believing that I have the ability to perform a task. I realise that […]

Online peer mentoring

New paper evaluating existing online PASS/PAL schemes: Online peer assisted learning: Reporting on practice by Watts Helen, Malliris Makis & Billingham Olivia The authors conclude in their article: ‘Despite some “teething problems” of these pilots we are convinced by the early and so far limited explorations highlighted here that online PAL can make a significant contribution […]