Please find here a review of the Mapping student-led peer learning report by Chris Keenan – published 2014. Reference: Abegglen, S. & Morris, A. (2015). Peer-led learning: Challenges and opportunities. Investigations in University Teaching and Learning. London: Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching/London Metropolitan University, 10, pp.77-81.

Why mentoring?

A nice, short explanation as to why mentoring matters: ‘Informal and formal mentoring networks are important components that contribute to personal and career growth. Mentoring has a direct impact on personal life choices and career advancement. If leaders of tomorrow are to be created we need leaders of today to lend a hand in all […]


Just published – together with two great colleagues – an article on peer mentoring in the Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change. Abstract This paper explores how to facilitate the ‘bedding in’ and ‘becoming of’ undergraduate students who come from non-traditional backgrounds and struggle with what is, for them, the often alien world of academic […]

New book on student ambassadors

Clare Gartland, Senior Lecturer in Education at University Campus Suffolk, has published a new book on student ambassadors in higher education – linked to the subjects of science, technology engineering and mathematics. The book is called: STEM Strategies: Student ambassador and equality in higher education. The book seems to make up an interesting read for […]

Easy – and informative – read

For those that are interested in learning more about the people that influenced education – and the education system: How children learn: From Montessori to Vygotsky – Educational theories and approaches made easy by Linda Pound (2005) This might also give some insight into learning styles and learning experiences – as well as teaching approaches used […]

Research – Peer-led learning

New research by the HEA looked into peer-led learning – and highlights that students who take part in peer-led learning session experience reduced anxiety associated with transition into higher education. They have also a greater sense of belonging and improved academic confidence – something we also experience with our peer mentoring sessions. There are also […]

The impact of peer mentoring

Today, we discussed an article which explores the effect of peer mentoring. A copy of the article – Effect of Peer Mentoring on Types of Peer Mentor Support, Program Satisfaction and Graduate Student Stress: A Dyadic Perspective by Elisa J. Grant-Vallone and Ellen A. Ensher – can be found here. Key points mentors took from the article were […]