Mentoring for researchers

Interesting take on the use of mentors for researchers… The claim: Mentoring and coaching each aim to help an individual clarify their goals and/or improve their self-awareness, skills or knowledge.  Read more here. Join the discussion: #VitaeHangout on mentoring for researchers: 16 June 2016. Or submit a case study – deadline 30 June 2016.

Article on peer mentoring

Interesting article that outlines how much peer mentoring relies on relationships – and also what the benefits and risk of peer mentoring are. Mentors themselves said that the main benefits of being a mentor are: being able to support students, reapplying concepts in their own lives and developing connections themselves – though their were differences […]

Future career

Today, as part of a group work presentation, mentors presented a list which illustrates how mentoring might help mentors with their future career. The list was as follows: It can give you better communication skills You can gain some leadership qualities You’re a more reflective person Learning how you can help others Able to identify your […]