What lovely feedback… Mentors moving on and taking on other support roles within the University. Mentoring does make a difference! I did not realise that last week Tuesday would be the last session for Education Café and therefore I did not get the chance to speak to you in person. So, I would just like […]


Lovely feedback received by one of this year’s mentors: I have found Peer mentoring in Practice to be THE the most essential module of this year so far. It’s physical format is – by design – the perfect accompaniment to the first years ‘Becoming Educational’ and not only does it lead on nicely in terms […]

Encouraging others

Yesterday, I came across this blog post – and it reminded me on how much we all rely on positive feedback – and encouragement by others. See: So… Why not leave some positive notes for your mentees – or encourage them to write something positive for each other? It only takes a stack of post-it […]

Mentees’ presentations

Mentees’ task – together with peer mentors – was: Develop a Digital Me The whole world is digital, our goal is to help you study and teach effectively in the digi-verse. With the Peer Mentors, you are expected to set yourself a digital challenge or project – and follow it through: W12: student presentations on […]

Supporting mentees – Constructive feedback

Supporting mentees does also mean providing constructive feedback. Last week, mentors attended mentees’ presentations where mentees presented their findings on formal and informal learning spaces across the University. Below some visual impressions of those presentations. Effective feedback is (London 2014): Clear Specific Frequent Immediate Relevant Dynamic It is constructive when is offers concrete information that can be […]