Mentees’ presentations

Mentees’ task – together with peer mentors – was:

Develop a Digital Me

The whole world is digital, our goal is to help you study and teach effectively in the digi-verse. With the Peer Mentors, you are expected to set yourself a digital challenge or project – and follow it through:

  • W12: student presentations on their digital projects
  • There will be prizes for the most intriguing challenge and for the best project presentation
  • You can submit your presentation notes as a portfolio component and get marks.

 Tips for possible projects:

  • Produce a student guide on how to search the Web for information or how to use a blog as part of your reflective learning
  • Set up a FaceBook study group/use FaceBook as a reading dossier – and tell others how…
  • Find educationalists on Twitter – follow their posts – read their websites – help other students to do the same
  • Find the Digital Storytelling website with a view to producing excellent digital resources based on your Research Project. Get started here: or via the quickstart link: – use #ds106 ‘Daily Create’ challenges to develop creative and technical skills – Explore #ds106 assignments – find one that would make a great project – do it!
  • Use com to make a great artefact – check out Terry Elliot’s one on learning:
  • Do a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). There are free MOOCs on everything from Quantum physics to Song writing – usually from four to six weeks long. Find a MOOC – do it – reflect on it. Tip: Check out

You can find their presentations – which were brilliant – here.

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