Supporting mentees – Constructive feedback

Supporting mentees does also mean providing constructive feedback.

Last week, mentors attended mentees’ presentations where mentees presented their findings on formal and informal learning spaces across the University.

Below some visual impressions of those presentations.





Effective feedback is (London 2014):

  • Clear
  • Specific
  • Frequent
  • Immediate
  • Relevant
  • Dynamic

It is constructive when is offers concrete information that can be used by the recipient (London 2014).

  • It is not necessarily positive – but it may begin with positive feedback to capture the recipient’s attention and involvement
  • It is about the recipient’s behaviour – not his/her personality
  • It takes into account the recipient’s ability to comprehend and absorb information – too much information may be distorted, ignored or misunderstood
  • It happens when the event is fresh – and not likely to be remembered differently by different people
  • It takes the situation into account – e.g. that there is a large audience
  • It includes support to help the recipient profit from the feedback

Source: London, M. (2014) The power of feedback: Giving, seeking and using feedback for performance improvement. London: Routledge.

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