Lovely feedback received by one of this year’s mentors:

I have found Peer mentoring in Practice to be THE the most essential module of this year so far. It’s physical format is – by design – the perfect accompaniment to the first years ‘Becoming Educational’ and not only does it lead on nicely in terms of practicality, but also in theory and engagement. 

I know that at times student participation can seem dire, and i’m sure the answers (or lack of) in student feed back forms reflect this. I can however say without any doubt that I know this module to have been a favourite among my classmates as well as myself. 

To be honest I at first thought this module was a little obvious in terms of content, and that its practices were those that I and most other already engage in. While i feel I am an empathetic and considerate person, I never really considered that these practices that I had been taught so early and efficiently that they had become automated practices which I gave no thought to. Your lessons in general, but specifically on introspection and self reflection, were of great personal use to me, not only academically but personally, and at a time when life has presented a great many changes and challenges. 

I just wanted to take the time to thank you. Not only for the content, but for its delivery. You are always so engaged and enthused that it is impossible not to feel the same. Your high level of professionalism and knowledge are second only to friendly, approachable demeanour. It has been a pleasure learning from and working with you this term.

Happy new year everyone!!!

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