Week 09 – Mentor diary

This is what one of the second year mentors wrote about her session with mentees this week:

During the mentoring session – I helped the mentees with any questions or queries they had. For example, one of the students wanted to know more about how Year 2 courses work and the different option modules that are available, so I made sure to send her and her other peers, that link via email. Also, I was discussing how the mentees are finding the course and what they want to be, at the end of this degree. This sparked up a lot of conversations and considerations about some of the different opportunities available after this degree is over. As a whole, everybody either got on with what they had to do and whoever needed help or assistance, I was there to make sure that I could listen to their problems and issues…then trying to solve them. Therefore, it was a very chilled mentoring session but we all enjoyed it this way and got most of the questions answered as well!

For more, have a look at her blog: http://themetrogirl.wordpress.com

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