Learning technology

Something to consider for mentors… The use and usefulness of technology for learning.

Learning Technology and Innovation (LTI) at the LSE has been working on a project to interview over 100 students to gain their insights into the role and important of technology in their life, their education and their future career.  Calling the project, LSE 2020, they have begun the process of interpreting over 300 minutes of interview footage.  Their first step was to produce a few teaser trailers from the data set that illustrate the kind of insight they are getting.  Over the next month or so they will be producing a comprehensive report and a series of videos that seek to present the picture of how modern students view technology, how they perceive and understand the role of their own devices and how important the cloud is to the processes of teaching and learning in 2020.

Teaser videos:

And read a short blog post about the project here: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/lti/2016/05/03/edtech-the-student-view-on-educational-technology/

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